We are taught from a young age that in order to achieve great success we must set and achieve our goals. However in doing so, we become focused on where we are going rather than enjoying where we are right now. We sacrifice today in the hope that a better future will emerge, only to discover that achievement rarely leads to true joy. Goal-Free Living presents an alternative philosophy – that we can have an extraordinary life now, all without goals and detailed plans. By living for each moment, it’s possible to have a successful life and follow your passions at the same time.

This amazing book shares the personal discovery of consultant Stephen Shapiro, for whom professional success was often achieved – yet personal satisfaction remained elusive. He wanted to escape the treadmill of chasing his goals, and to find a way to make his life truly rewarding. So over ninety days, he drove 12,000 miles and interviewed 150 extraordinary people from all walks of life to learn how they lived fulfilling, happy lives. Along the way, he discovered the eight secrets to living life free from the constant pressure of goals:

Menetapkan sasaran mungkin bagus. Namun, membiarkan sasaran hidup Anda mengambil alih kendali atas Kehidupan Anda dapat menghancurkan. Goal Free Living menunjukkan kepada kita cara mengeksplorasi jalur-jalur dalam kehidupan kita yang bahkan kita sendiri tidak tahu bahwa itu ada, serta menemukan suatu kehidupan yang mengairahkan, sukses, dan mendatangkan imbalan – hari ini juga

Penulis Asli : Stephen M. Shapiro

Penerbit Asli: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Penerjemah : R Tantie Kustiantie

Penerbit Versi Indonesia : Elex Media Komputindo

Bahasa Asli : Inggris

Terbit : Tahnum 2006

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